How To Tell Your Children You Are Getting Divorced


While deciding to end your marriage is certainly a difficult conclusion to come to, it is more difficult for your children. Countless children of broken marriages can tell you just how devastating it is to have your parents suddenly decide to pull apart a family. While getting a divorce may be the best decision for your family, your children won’t always see it this way.

This is why it is important you discuss this fact with them in a private, comfortable setting—preferably with both parents present. You will both have to remind your children the divorce is not a consequence of anything they have done, and is instead a decision you are making to better their lives. Your roles as parents will change, in that you will have to remind your children of their safety, security, and love on a regular basis. Keeping their confidence and self-esteem up will be your ultimate priority.

It is also important to note you will have to consider the age of your children in telling them. The younger your children, the more you will have to simplify matters. Finally, making sure your children find out about the impending divorce from no one other than you is essential.

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