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According to government sources, the U.S. entertainment & media industry is the largest in the world. It is attributed to one-third—or $717 billion USD of the global entertainment & media industry. Given the massive size of the industry, legal disputes concerning entertainment & media are a serious concern.

If you are looking for an experienced legal professional to provide you with sound, reliable legal counsel concerning legal issues arising from entertainment and media, you should consult our legal team at Ford & Friedman for advice.

Our entertainment and media attorneys have experience representing clients from:

  • Television & film
  • Music performance & production
  • Digital interactive gaming, arts, and e-sports
  • Print media
  • Professional unions, associations, and guilds
  • Sports and athletics

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Legal Matters in the Entertainment Industry

When people think of the entertainment industry, they picture Hollywood and Las Vegas in the western United States, and New York and Atlantic City in the east. Whether you are a musician or stage performer looking for career opportunities in the western U.S., you can count on Ford & Friedman to zealously advocate for your interests.

We have experience providing the following legal services:

  • Intellectual property: Much of the entertainment and media industry involves copyright and trademark issues. We can guide you through complex issues like intellectual property registration, infringement, and licensing.
  • Licensing agreements: When it comes to licensing intellectual property, we can help you negotiate, draft, and/or review contracts concerning the licensing of copyrighted and trademarked materials.
  • Employment contracts: Whether you are a performer or artist looking for a steady gig or a production professional looking for a job, your rights may be subject to an employment contract. We can help you negotiate the terms of your employment and assist in ensuring that your rights are respected.
  • Negotiating with professional unions, associations, and guilds: Many members of the entertainment industry belong to a professional association that are subject to collective bargaining arrangements. We have experience negotiating with organizations such as the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), the American Federation of Musicians (AFM), and SAG-AFTRA.
  • Compliance with union, association, and guild requirements: Those who hire or otherwise employ members of a professional union or association are required to comply with certain terms and conditions. We can help you understand the nature of these terms and avoid liability due to breaching them.
  • Casino and resort hotels: Casino and resort hotels are major purveyors of entertainment throughout the United States. As a result, world-famous stage performers, musicians, DJs, and illusionists seek work here. Our legal team can help facilitate negotiations and agreements regarding performance residencies, concert tours, and seasonal music festivals between prospective talent and hotels.

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Show business is a tough gig. Therefore, you need a tough legal advocate with experience in entertainment and media law to support your goals and protect your rights. At Ford & Friedman, we have nearly a half-century’s worth of collective legal experience in handling disputes and transactions connected to the entertainment and media industry.

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