Donating & Surrogacy: Why You Need an Attorney


Many families turn to surrogacy or sperm or ovum donation when they struggle to conceive. A donor or surrogate can help your family achieve your dreams of parenthood, but you may also face certain legal risks. If you are contemplating a surrogate or donor, here are nine reasons to hire an attorney to protect you during the process.

1. Experience

Your attorney should have vast experience helping prospective parents and surrogates. They should be able to explain to you the expected timeline, costs, legal issues, and other details of the process, as well as answer your questions.

2. Objectivity

The process of selecting a surrogate or donor can be fraught with emotion, but your lawyer can help you select a surrogate or donor that best suits your needs.

3. Contacts

When working with an experienced attorney, it is likely that they will have previously established contacts and relationships that can expedite the process of locating candidates.

4. Skills

Your lawyer should be an expert in surrogacy law and have the skills required to conduct appropriate reference and background checks and ensure that your candidate choices are excellent.

5. Screening

Your potential surrogate or donors should be carefully screened for medical or psychological issues. Your lawyer should have established professional contacts who can help this process.

6. Financial Discussions

Money is a sensitive subject, so it is important to have an impartial third party to handle discussions about compensation with the surrogate or donor. They should have knowledge about what amounts are appropriate and can prevent you from overpaying for services.

7. Relationship Management

Your lawyer can help you determine the relationship you would like to maintain with the surrogate or donor, including the degree of contact and involvement in the pregnancy that best suits you and the surrogate.

8. Dispute Resolution

If a disagreement arises between you and the surrogate or donor, your attorney can help mediate and resolve the dispute.

9. Contract Drafting

Contracts are a critical protection during this process, but an enforceable contract can be challenging to draft on your own. A lawyer who is experienced with surrogacy law can draft a contract that protects all parties involved and is legally binding.

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