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Foster care arrangements are intended to be temporary—but do not always end up this way. In some cases, foster families may develop a bond with a child they care for and seek permanent custody. This form of adoption requires careful legal navigation, especially if it leads to conflicts with other parties, including the child's biological family.

If you are a foster parent seeking an adoption of a child in your care, then the legal advocates at Ford & Friedman are ready to assist you. Our trusted Henderson foster family lawyers have experience with a wide range of legal issues involving foster family rights and are ready to emphatically assert your role in a foster child's life both in and outside the courtroom.

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Foster Parents & Adoption

Adopting a foster child can seem like a complex and even overwhelming process, but for foster families who are ready to welcome a new child into their home, the journey is worth it. At our firm, we understand that each of these cases is unique and requires vigilant legal stewardship to permanently place a foster child into a loving home.

  • Our firm is ready to face numerous facets of these cases, including:
  • Filing for adoption by the foster parents
  • Determination of a foster family's rights in various legal actions involving their foster child
  • Comprehensive representation for foster/group home facilities and administrators

Ready to Help You Adopt Your Foster Child

If you are a foster family ready to take the first steps towards adding a new child to your home, Ford & Friedman is ready to help. We know what it takes to protect both your rights and the rights of the child in question and how to ensure that every avenue towards legally completing the adoption is thoroughly pursued on your behalf.

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