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Child support is one of the most critical matters the court needs to address when parents divorce. While all parents want to see their children provided for, many still have financial concerns for themselves and their family when confronting this issue. There are laws and formulas the court will reference during a divorce, but it is still important that both parents have an attorney by their side to help ensure that the final determination is fair and manageable.

At Ford & Friedman, we are well-acquainted with Nevada's child support laws and the many considerations that can affect decisions in the courtroom. Our Henderson child support attorneys can ensure that the court is well-informed of any special circumstances that could alter these orders and that our clients have their voice thoroughly heard before a decision is rendered.

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Understanding Child Support Calculations in Nevada

Generally speaking, Nevada courts use a formula to determine how much a non-custodial or higher earning parent will pay in child support. For one child, for example, a parent may be ordered to pay 18 percent of their gross monthly income. This amount increases to 25 percent for two children, 29 percent for three children, and so on.

The court, however, also has to power to adjust child support orders when a family or parent faces special circumstances. These circumstances need to be clearly argued and substantiated in the courtroom before a final child support determination is made.

Special circumstances can be argued when:

  • A parent provides additional services to the child/family
  • A parent faces travel expenses related to child visitation
  • A parent has a legal obligation to support other individuals
  • A child has special needs
  • A parent is receiving public assistance

Ensuring Fair Child Support Enforcement and Modification

Child support enforcement is a priority in Nevada and the state is prepared to intervene when a child is not provided for. Our diligent child support attorneys at Ford & Friedman can make the difference when collecting child support payments that are in arrears (behind on payments). We can assist you and the court with tracing income and proving that these necessary payments have been made.

Seeking a modified child support order is always better than a verbal agreement with a former partner or, worse yet, a simple refusal to pay. If you lost your job or otherwise can no longer meet your child support obligations, there are possible remedies. Contact our team today to start exploring your options before your former spouse or the state takes action against you.

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