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Do you believe that a family court decision on your case deserves reconsideration? Has a case that you were involved in been appealed by another party? If so, it is critical that you retain experienced legal counsel that is well-versed navigating family law matters in Nevada's higher courts.

Our team at Ford & Friedman knows that no case is finished until the parties either accept a result or the Nevada Supreme Court rules on the matter. We have represented both appellants and respondents during the family law appeals process and are ready to bring robust and assertive counsel to your case as it enters its next stage. If you are appealing a case, be sure to contact us immediately, as you have only a matter of days to file the appropriate paperwork.

We're ready to ensure that your voice is heard throughout the appeals process. Contact our proven Henderson family attorneys at (702) 904-9898 now.

The Divorce Appeals Process

While filing an appeal needs to happen soon after the first case concludes, resolving an appealed case can be a long process—often up to six months or more. During that time, however, our firm works closely with our clients, walking them through what to expect over the course of the case and collecting all of the necessary paperwork, including the original trial transcript. The Supreme Court will eventually set deadlines to follow, which our team will handle differently depending on who in the case we are representing.

  • Next steps in this process can include:
  • Protecting the appellant: After we file the initial notice of appeal with the court, we will write and file an opening brief requesting the result you are seeking.
  • Protecting the respondent: If we are protecting a favorable result, we will file a responding brief in appellate court on behalf of the respondent.

Your Hearing

Once a hearing is set, you, your counsel, and other involved parties will attend a hearing where the appellate court will consider your case. The judge will already have documentation of each party's argument and case history, but you may have the opportunity to present an oral argument, as well. Attorneys in the case usually do this on their clients' behalf.

Once all the evidence has been presented, a number of things can happen. The judge can overturn the initial decision, send it back to the original court for redecision or retrial, or affirm the initial ruling. It is also possible for part of the case to be upheld, while other parts are retried. Depending on the outcome, our firm will be ready to help see your case through to a final decision.

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