How Social Media Can Negatively Impact Your Divorce


Now part of our lives more than ever, social media is nearly inescapable in today’s day and age. Despite its accessibility, it is important we learn to let go of this habit during certain instances in our life--particularly divorce. Even if you feel your accounts are private and protected, there is no barrier too strong to break through when it comes to the family courts. If necessary, you may even be asked to hand over your accounts to the judge, which may put you in a very uncomfortable position.

Not only does social media become the perfect platform for us to share the greatest parts of our lives, it also allows us the opportunity to openly vent about our ex on a very public level. In a fit of anger, you may send out a Tweet or post a Facebook status update which ends up making you look very bad in the long run. If you share children with your ex, this kind of oversharing may even make you appear to be an unfit parent.

Social media can impact you in the financial sense, too. If you are in the midst of a support battle, whether spousal or child, you don’t want to post pictures of your lavish shopping spree or vacation. This may be used against you as a means of demonstrating you are capable of paying more than you actually can, or are instead undeserving of receiving the support you do. While we don’t necessarily suggest you delete your social media altogether, it may be best to avoid your use until your divorce is finalized.

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