More Men Opting in to Single Fatherhood Through Surrogacy


For some Las Vegas residents starting a family is easy relatively simple. For others, the process can be more difficult and may require seeking out options like in-vitro fertilization or adoption in order to realize the dream of having children. These approaches have been fairly common in recent decades for single women who want to start a family, but only recently have observers began to notice single men going this route as well.

Single men who are seeking out fatherhood through surrogacy say that the adoption process can be long and may not work and they are focused on having children even without a mate. Surrogacy agencies say that while male clients are more often gay men seeking to start a family, they do also see single heterosexual male clients. One sociologist told reporters that fathers these days are more interested in being nuturing and supportive parents, not just breadwinners in a traditional role.

In addition to the logistical and financial considerations involved, choosing surrogacy comes along with some complex family law issues.

One central issue to surrogacy is making sure that the parents and the surrogate have a finalized child custody and parental rights agreement. Without this agreement or with an agreement that does not cover all eventualities, there could be come confusion about what rights the surrogate has over the child. It is not unheard of for a surrogate to become unexpectedly attached to the child they have been carrying, and in those cases it is essential to have a binding legal agreement in effect to govern the situation.

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