Social Media Can Offer a Chance for Reunion After Divorce


During a divorce it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially for couples who are no longer getting along and who are not seeing eye-to-eye on important issues. As a result, some choose to make arrangements that keep them as far apart as possible in the future, sometimes including a sole custody arrangement in which one parent is no longer involved with raising the children. These cases are always difficult, but in some cases it may be in the best interests of the children at the time the decision was made.

Over time, children often become interested in the whereabouts of their other parent and many are now turning to social media to seek out information and possibly a relationship.

In one recent case that made the news, a family split up by divorce was able to reunite using Facebook after their cousin searched exhaustively for people sharing his last name in the same metro area. The siblings who were contacted by their cousin had been interested in information about their father which their mother resisted providing.

After getting in touch with their cousin who had contact with their father, the family was able to reunite and learn about what had kept them apart. Stories like this show the importance of being open to adjusting a child custody agreement or a visitation policy over time as children grow up and are interested in knowing more about the rest of their family and perhaps building a new relationship.

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