I Got a Promotion; How Will This Affect My Child Support


As a parent, life milestones such as a job promotion can be emotionally complex, especially when you have a child support order and are co-parenting with a former spouse. In Nevada, understanding how a change in income due to a promotion can affect child support arrangements is helpful for parents to ensure fair and equitable support for their children.

When Can a Parent Seek a Modification? 

Under Nevada law, a parent may seek a modification of child support when circumstances have substantially changed since the original support order was established. This change could result from various factors, such as a significant increase or decrease in income.

Generally speaking, Nevada allows child support modifications every three (3) years or when either parent's income changes by at least 20%.

Impact of a Promotion on Child Support Obligations

If one parent receives a promotion leading to a substantial increase in income, they might be obligated to pay more in child support. Conversely, if the parent with primary custody experiences a significant increase in income, the paying parent may seek a modification to adjust the support payments accordingly.

Parents need to seek legal counsel whenever they experience significant, material changes that could impact existing court orders.

What to Do if Your Co-Parent Requests a Child Support Increase

If your co-parent learns of your promotion and requests an increase in child support, yet you disagree with this request, you should approach the situation thoughtfully and strategically. First and foremost, seek legal counsel from an experienced attorney like ours at Ford & Friedman.

Remember, if you have been notified that the other party is petitioning the court for a child support change, you have a limited time to file your response. You must adhere to court procedures precisely and promptly.

Filing an Opposition to Your Co-Parent's Petition

If you disagree with your co-parent's request to increase child support and file an opposition, your co-parent will then have the chance to file their own reply. From there, the petitioner can submit a Request for Submission, notifying the court that the case is ready for the judge's review. Sometimes, the judge will schedule a hearing before issuing a judgment.

It is important to remember that the court's primary concern is the child's best interests. When considering modification petitions, the judge will evaluate whether the requested change serves the child's needs and overall well-being.

How to Prepare Your Response

Preparation and thoroughness are paramount when responding to a child support modification petition. In addition to consulting with an attorney, gather comprehensive financial documentation, including evidence of your new income and any changes in your financial obligations, to strengthen your position. Additionally, be prepared to demonstrate how your existing child support payments adequately meet the child's needs.

You may also wish to engage in mediation or negotiation with your co-parent, facilitated by your attorney. These alternative dispute resolution methods can help you resolve your case more quickly and without appearing in court.

Ultimately, by seeking legal counsel and thoroughly preparing your case, you can work to make sure that any potential modification to your child support obligations is fair and in the best interests of your child.

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