Can I Enforce a Child Support Order?

Parents are obligated to support their minor children, regardless of the state of their marriage. Since it is presumed that the custodial parent is already fulfilling their financial obligation, the noncustodial parent will be ordered to pay child support in a divorce. Family courts treat this matter very seriously, so if your ex-spouse stopped paying child support, you should take action to have it enforced.

Enforcing Your Child Support Order

There are strict laws when it comes to establishing and enforcing child support. Local, state, and federal agencies all have a variety of tools available to help you obtain the child support you need.

Here are some common enforcement tools:

  • Income withholding: The child support you are owed may be obtained by directly taking the amount out of your ex’s wages.
  • Federal income tax intercept: A substantial tax refund may be intercepted by the state and used to cover missing or late child support.
  • License suspension: A driver’s license or professional license can be revoked if a parent stops paying child support.
  • Passport restrictions: In addition to having a license revoked, a delinquent parent’s passport may not be renewed in order to keep that parent from leaving the country.
  • Contempt of court: You can go to court to request this from a judge, resulting in a fine or jail time for your ex-spouse.

In cases where the noncustodial parent lives in another state and refuses to pay child support for over a year, the amount owed is greater than $5,000, or the noncustodial parent traveled out of state or out of the country to evade payments, the U.S. Office of the Inspector General may intervene. Under these circumstances, punishments can be much more severe, including time in prison and steep fines.

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