How Forensic Accountants Assist with the Divorce Process


Divorce is a stressful and complex legal process and, when substantial assets are involved, the financial aspect of it can get complicated. Therefore, having a forensic accountant can be essential in helping you obtain the information you need to achieve financial transparency and ensure your interests are protected.

Forensic Accounting in a Divorce

Forensic accountants can be useful in a variety of cases, including bankruptcy, tax evasion, and divorce. In the context of a divorce, the duty of a forensic accountant is to audit a spouse’s finances and interpret the data for proceedings. Finances are often the biggest point of contention in a divorce, which is why forensic accountants are such an essential element in this process.

Here are some ways in which a forensic accountant can assist with your divorce case:

  • Uncover hidden assets: It is no secret that divorce can get messy and, in some cases, spouses may attempt to hide assets. A forensic accountant will know how to discover these assets to ensure you receive your fair share during this process.
  • Identify joint assets and liabilities: It is not uncommon for one spouse to handle the household’s finances and, unfortunately, this can put the other spouse at a disadvantage in a divorce. Having a forensic accountant on your side can help ensure transparency.
  • Appraise properties, assets, and businesses: Determining the value of your assets can be a major undertaking, but it is a crucial part of facilitating a fair division of marital property. A skilled forensic accountant will accurately calculate this value.
  • Determine alimony and child support: It is not unusual for spouses to under-report income to minimize their financial obligations. A forensic accountant can determine your spouse’s income to ensure these payments are accurately calculated by the court.

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