Why You Should Not Move Out of the Marital Home

If you are pursuing a divorce, your living arrangement at home may begin to feel uncomfortable. Although moving out seems to be the more apparent solution in this situation, leaving the marital home before you are officially divorced can produce some negative consequences. Continue reading to learn more about why you may want to rethink moving out of your home.

The Consequences of Moving Out Before Your Divorce is Finalized

Moving out of the marital home before your divorce is finalized will not relinquish you of your legal rights to it. However, family courts are often more inclined to preserve the status quo, especially if children are involved, so it is unlikely the court will have you move back in and turn your spouse out once all is said and done.

If you have children, remaining in the marital home during this process is particularly crucial. If you leave, you will probably see less of them throughout the divorce. Moreover, it is possible that a judge may continue the pattern established during this process to maintain stability and consistency in the lives of your children.

Lastly, moving out of the marital home can create a substantial financial burden on you since you will not only have to spend money on your own housing, but on maintaining the one you share with your spouse. No matter how well off you are, paying for a place you are not living in may not sit well with you.

If the living situation is too unbearable, however, it is crucial to hire an experienced attorney who can help you navigate these obstacles. If your spouse is behaving in a threatening and hostile manner, you should also document these incidents as well as you can. It will serve as valuable evidence in court.

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