Can Creditors Come After Me for My Ex-Spouse’s Debts?

During a divorce, assets and debts will be divided. Regardless of whose name is attached to the debt, marital debts will be divided between both spouses. However, even if a judge orders your former spouse to pay a debt, the order only means that your ex is legally liable for the debt. The lender may still hold both you and your former spouse equally responsible for the debt, so if your ex fails to fulfill this obligation, they may pursue you for payment.

Debts and Divorce

If your name is attached to a debt, it is important to understand that you will still be responsible for it until it has either been entirely paid off or you can remove your name from the account. Otherwise, you may continue to receive calls and messages regarding these debts if your former spouse refuses to pay.

Ultimately, the most effective way to protect yourself from this situation is to remove your name from the account. You can do this by either refinancing it or paying it off in full. If you cannot successfully remove your name from the account, however, the best you can do is to stay vigilant and keep yourself informed until the debt is paid.

If your former spouse is not cooperating by paying off the debts assigned during the divorce, make timely payments, even if it is just for the minimum amount, to avoid taking a hit to your credit score. Moreover, you should also keep tabs on your credit by regularly monitoring it.

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