What Happens if My Spouse is Hiding Assets During a Divorce?


When spouses get divorced, they must divide their marital property and assets. A crucial element in this process is full disclosure of all financial assets to ensure everything is appropriately divided between both spouses. Unfortunately, divorce can get ugly, and one spouse may attempt to hide assets to prevent the other from receiving their fair share.

Finding Hidden Assets

When spouses try to hide assets, they often try to do so by involving friends, family, or even a new partner. Even if your spouse was in charge of managing the household finances, however, you can still take steps to discover them by hiring an attorney with extensive experience in handling such cases. Your attorney may request copies of all financial documents and reach out to a forensic accountant who can help find these missing assets.

Some of the documents that may be used as evidence in a hidden asset case include tax documents, loan documents, account statements, and other paperwork related to your household’s finances. If you can successfully prove that your spouse hid assets, there are a number of potential penalties the court may order. Your spouse may be ordered to pay your share of assets or, in some cases, a spouse may even be sentenced to jail time if this behavior continues and your share of assets is not produced.

If you do not trust that your spouse is being honest about your marital assets, speak to an attorney as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss out on the marital assets you are entitled to as part of your divorce settlement.

Learn More About Hidden Asset Cases and How Our Legal Team Can Assist You!

Divorce does not always go smoothly and some spouses may try to play dirty when dissolving a marriage. If your spouse is hiding assets, a skilled divorce attorney can help take the right steps to ensure they are discovered, so you receive your share of marital property. At Ford & Friedman, our family law attorneys have the knowledge and insight necessary to secure the best results for your divorce case. Backed by decades of experience and a track record of success, you can rely on us for the strong legal support you need.

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