Intellectual Property: How to Keep your Work Safe

Intellectual property

With the growth in technology and the addition of new players in the entertainment industry, we’ve seen an increase in intellectual property litigation. This world is filled with talented and creative individuals who have dedicated much of their lives to provide quality work, whether it be a song, play, book, or brand.

These works must be kept safe from competitors and others trying to copy the ideas or take undeserved credit. That's where the protections of federal and state intellectual property laws come in. They provide the original creators and inventors rights to their ideas, often the most valuable asset of an organization.

Our intellectual property lawyers at Ford & Friedman can help protect your legal rights and protect your interests regarding your ideas.

Types of Intellectual Property Laws

  • Copyrights: Copyright law protects a creator’s unique intellectual and artistic expressions, writings, or any other original work. This gives them the ability to control and make money off their work while excluding someone else from gaining financial benefit from them. For example, a film studio cannot make a screenplay based on a novel unless they have the copyright holder’s permission.

  • Trademarks: Brand name, slogans, logos, or symbols used to distinguish a product from another can be protected under trademark laws. An example of one of the most well-known trademarks is Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan.

  • Patents: Patents give holders exclusive rights regarding inventions, processes, and designs.

  • Trade Secrets: Information that does not discreetly fit into one of the categories protected by federal intellectual property law can be protected as by state and federal laws regarding trade secrets. This involves contracts like nondisclosure agreements, and torts under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act.

At Ford & Friedman, we provide legal counsel and advocacy for authors, designers, inventors, and businesses regarding intellectual property matters. Our firm is backed by nearly 50 years of collective legal experience and has the knowledge to protect your legal rights.

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