$137 Billion Is on the Table in the Bezos Divorce


$137 billion is currently on the table in the divorce proceedings between Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife, Mackenzie Bezos, as that is what the tech magnate is currently worth.

This development arrives just a year after Bezos became the richest person in the world. Although the news has yet to reverberate on Wall Street, Amazon investors are likely still waiting to see how settlements will affect control of the company. For the moment, confidence in Amazon remains strong, though some financial experts are concerned about how a settlement may affect Jeff Bezos’ space exploration company, Blue Origin.

There is also speculation regarding how the departure of MacKenzie Bezos may impact internal procedures at Amazon. It is said she was there when he wrote his original business plan, and worked closely alongside her husband during the company’s initial years of success. Though she has not been as involved with the tech giant in recent years, it remains to be seen how their divorce will affect Bezos’ 16% ownership stake in the company, or if it will affect his ownership at all.  

If the Bezos’ wealth was split evenly down the middle, MacKenzie Bezos would receive $69 billion, making her the richest woman in the world. This would also displace Jeff Bezos’ current standing as the richest person in the world, with the title likely falling back to Bill Gates, who is currently worth $92.5 billion. Washington, where the Bezos couple made their home, is a community property state, which means that all property and debt acquired during the marriage may be divided up evenly, if the couple cannot agree on a settlement. While there are no reports at this point as to whether Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos have a prenuptial agreement, the eyes of the financial sector are likely to remain on the couple, as they try to reach an agreement which could affect the future of a major, publicly-traded company.

Secure Representation for High Asset Divorces Now

While most couples will never accrue an amount of wealth even close to what will be litigated in the Bezos case, their story is an important example for all couples entering into a high net worth divorce. When business interests are on the table, issues like division of property become infinitely more complicated. This is why it is important to secure representation who will fight to protect your interests.

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