Parental Relocation in Nevada

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When a couple begins to get serious about their relationship, they may start thinking about the perfect place to raise a family. They want to live in an area that offers stable employment and other benefits so that their children will have ample opportunities to succeed.

However, some of these parents may experience a change in circumstances that leads to the end of their relationship. In some situations, this may even lead to one of the parents needing to leave town to pursue other employment prospects. If this parent has custody of the child, they may wish to bring the child along when they leave town.

In Nevada, before a custodial parent will be allowed to move with a child, he or she must obtain the consent of the other parent. If the other parent refuses this relocation request, the custodial parent may request a hearing to determine if the court will approve the move.

The court will base its decision on the best interests of the child, which means that it will examine several factors when making its ruling. The move will be examined to learn of the benefits that it may provide to both the parent and child. The court will also consider the reason for the move, to ensure that the custodial parent is not just trying to deny the other parent visitation. The reasons opposing the move will also be considered.

The impact on future visitation for the noncustodial parent will also factor into the decision-making process. The court wants to be sure that the other parent will continue to remain a part of the child's life after the move.

Courts in Nevada generally look upon these requests favorably, unless there are valid reasons to deny the move. This places a lot of pressure on the parents, who may be unable to prevent their child from leaving the state or country. Both parents will need to honor the court's decision. If the parent is denied relocation and tries to move with the child anyway, he or she could be facing significant penalties.

Much like the initial child custody proceeding, there can be a lot of emotions involved in a relocation request. It is important not to lose focus, and to understand how to best present your case. Whether you are requesting relocation or opposing the other parent's petition, you need someone on your side that can protect your interests.

Speak to an experienced family law attorney about any of the questions that you may have at this time. An attorney can explain the situation to you, and help you determine how you wish to proceed.

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