The Role of a Forensic Accountant in a Divorce


If you are involved in a high-asset divorce, the division of marital property can be comprehensive, to say the least. Although a knowledgeable divorce lawyer can provide effective assistance with dividing property, professional assistance from a forensic accountant can help you tackle the most complex financial situations.

The role of a forensic accountant on your team is to assess and disclose financial information to determine the terms of property division, alimony, and child support. They can thoroughly review your bank account and credit card statements, tax returns, investments, stocks, deeds, retirement accounts, and your entire financial situation. Any suspicious behaviors will be documented and investigated to protect your best interests.

The following are several reasons why a forensic accountant will benefit your divorce case:

  1. Investigate hidden assets
  2. Assessment of financial inconsistencies
  3. Distinguish personal expense
  4. Inventory and appraisal of high-value properties and assets
  5. Evaluate the long-term financial effect of divorce

While those involved in high net worth divorces often hire forensic accountants, anyone who goes through a divorce and has a complicated financial situation can use their professional service. Whether you run a small business or have retirement funds, the use of a forensic accountant can benefit your case.

When it comes to hotly contested divorces, ensuring your marital property is fairly divided is of utmost importance. If your spouse fails to disclose certain assets or fails to report less income than he/she actually earned in court--whether by mistake or on purpose--the final divorce settlement will have a negative impact on your life after divorce.

At Ford & Friedman, we work with experienced and skilled professionals who are leaders of their industry in Nevada. If your divorce needs specialized financial attention or you are concerned that your spouse is hiding assets, our Henderson divorce attorneys cooperate with forensic accountants and other financial professionals in protecting your rights and best interests and helping you obtain a favorable outcome.

For more information about high-asset divorce, contact us and schedule a confidential consultation today.

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