Does Infidelity Affect Divorce in Nevada?


Infidelity plays a huge role in leading many married couples to divorce. Many people are of the belief that most issues can be worked out but infidelity is a serious deal breaker. In some instances, infidelity plays a role in the divorce process, affecting issues such as child custody, visitation, alimony, and more. However, this isn’t the case in the state of Nevada. Our Henderson divorce attorneys of Ford & Friedman can help you determine which factors will play a significant role in your situation, as each divorce is handled and resolved differently.

Nevada family courts do not consider infidelity when coming to a divorce settlement, regardless of which spouse is guilty of misconduct. Alimony is not affected according to either spouse’s behavior. This makes Nevada a “no-fault” state, which means various issues cannot be influencing factors in legally ending a marriage and deciding the terms in which it happens. However, if one spouse is being supported by the other through alimony, the supported spouse cannot be a recipient of both alimony as well as financial support from a new relationship. A financially supportive relationship will counteract the spouse’s needs for monthly support from the paying party, and the Nevada courts are required to take this factor into consideration.

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