Dollar amount not all that matters in high-asset divorce settlements


Divorce settlements differ greatly from one another. Some deal with relatively small amounts of property. Others though can involve incredibly, or possibly even astronomically, high dollar amounts. Just how much in the way of assets divorce settlements can end up dealing with can be seen in a recent article on Money’s website.

The article contained a list of the most expensive divorce settlements. These divorces came from various different parts of the world, including here in the United States. The massive figures these divorces dealt with are underscored by the fact that a divorce settlement that was a little over $600 million was the smallest one on the list. The majority of the settlements on the list were reportedly around or over $1 billion.

The list concluded with a current Russian divorce case that could potentially end up in the $7 billion range, which would dwarf the other settlements on the list.

As this underscores, some divorces can be dealing with incredibly large amounts of assets.

An important thing to remember though is that, in a high-asset divorce, it is not just what the final dollar amount of the settlement is that can have big impacts. What also matters greatly is what particular assets are included in the settlement. High-asset divorce cases can often involve a range of different types of property, each with their own unique aspects. So, the asset make-up of a settlement can have major implications regarding what position the divorcing parties will be in, financially and in respect to the goals they hope to achieve, after a high-asset divorce.

So, a variety of different things contribute to the complexity of high-asset divorces. Given how complicated such divorces can get, building the right divorce team can be important when heading into settlement negotiations in such a divorce. Among the things that can matter considerably when in such negotiations is the quality of the legal advice one is getting.

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