Get an attorney when divorce comes calling


Given the staggering number of potential issues that can arise during a divorce, it is no wonder that the whole process is so daunting and that many spouses are afraid of what may happen. If you feel this way heading into divorce, it is perfectly natural. You shouldn't feel bad about yourself or even feel like you are unprepared. Divorce is uncharted waters for most people, so it is perfectly okay to feel frightened initially.

What is most important is what you do next. With so many issues to cover, you will need legal help to ensure that each aspect of your divorce is handled efficiently and effectively. Do you have children? There will be child custody and support discussions. Do you and your soon-to-be-former spouse own property? Be prepared for property division discussions. What about a prenup or postnup? If you have these contracts involved in your life, then you will need to understand their impact on your divorce.

No matter the circumstances, it behooves divorcing spouses to get an attorney on their side. The more assets you have, the more complicated things can be -- but any couple that is facing divorce needs attorneys.

At Ford & Friedman, we have been working hard for many years to help the people of Las Vegas, Nevada deal with their divorces and all of the issues they entail. From child custody and support to property division, restraining orders and post-divorce modifications, the attorneys at Ford & Friedman can help you get past this chapter of your life and move on to a better one.

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