Why the prenup conversation can be beneficial


A prenuptial agreement provides a sense of security for a married couple, but it also isn't for everyone. Many years ago, prenuptial agreements were seen as an almost-rude suggestion that no couple that was "truly in love" would ever sign. It was seen as preparing for divorce before you even walked down the aisle. As a result, the prenup was branded an "anti-love" contract and many people didn't even consider the positive aspects of having such a contract involved in their marriage.

Prenuptial agreements can deal with a lot of potential issues in a divorce, or even in marriage. It can include provisions regarding property division and how it will be uniquely handled in your case (should a divorce occur). It can protect your estate plan while also protecting you from your spouse's debts. And, in general, a prenuptial agreement streamlines the divorce process (should a divorce occur).

Having said all of that, it is up to each couple to decide if they really want to have a prenuptial agreement involved in their relationship. Even if you decide to not sign or utilize a prenuptial agreement though, it can be very beneficial just to have the conversation with your soon-to-be-spouse. The financial topics that are discussed, in addition to discussions about responsibility and life goals, can really help any couple going forward.

In the end, even if you don't sign a prenup, it isn't as if the opportunity is gone forever. A postnuptial agreement can be signed during your marriage, and these contracts function in the same way as prenuptial agreements.

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