Prenup keeps the drama out of soap star's divorce


A prenuptial agreement will help prevent a long-time soap opera actress’s divorce from becoming too dramatic, according to recent reports. The actress, Victoria Rowell was married to her current husband for four years before he filed for divorce. The two had a prenuptial agreement that kept the financial decisions simple and the asset division plan clear-cut.

In addition, the settlement agreement further reduces the potential for a tumultuous divorce by stipulating that neither party will “disturb bother, harass, or otherwise interfere” with the other. While this might seem unusual to the average reader, it may be helpful to lay out clear expectations for mutual respect as a part of a divorce agreement, so that each party understands that they are under an obligation to remain civil.

These types of clauses are more commonly used in child custody agreement in the form of a non-disparage clause that prevents parents from bad-mouthing the other parent in front of the children or anyone who has contact with the children.

In this case the couple did not have any children together. However, both are public figures and an agreement not to interfere with the other’s life likely includes an understanding that they will not discuss each other to the press or in other public settings in a way that might have a negative impact on their work and reputations. These types of agreements can be helpful for any divorcing couple who continue to live in the same community or who work in the same industry and might worry about damage to their reputations by a scorned ex-spouse.

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Source: TMZ, “’Young and Restless' Star: My Marriage Has Been Cancelled,” Jan. 2, 2013.

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