Reality Star's Divorce Shows Personal Side of the Process


In a recent interview with ABC News, reality television star turned health living mogul Bethenny Frankel told a reporter that she is still going through a difficult time with her divorce. The entrepeneur divorced her husband of about three years and the two continue to struggle over a custody arrangement for their daughter, who is three years old. She called the process "brutal" but says she doesn't regret sharing the hard times with the viewing public.

Frankel's public life and willingness to share means that many people are seeing the emotional side of divorce that many public figures try to keep private. This is an important reminder that even amidst other successes, divorce can still be a very difficult process.

This is why many experienced divorce attorneys also recommend seeking emotional support during the process, whether it is from friends or family, or from a professional therapist or social worker.

Seeking the support that you need can help make the process easier, and can also help clarify the issues that really matter in the divorce and help develop an approach to the settlement, support, and custody issues that will help meet your needs.

In the case of a high-asset divorce like Frankel's, the financial issues can sometimes become overwhelming when it comes time to parse out share property, earnings, and future support for a spouse or a child. Having the help of experienced advisors to parse out who has rights to what assets can take some pressure off and make it easier to move forward.

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